Thursday, March 13, 2014

Taylor-What Exit

Taylor- An optimist and a little absent minded. He is the character that brings everyone together. Taylor unlike Sadie and Elenore got his gifts at a younger age and has been seeing the strange things around him for much longer. Something he hides from his well-off parents. Taylor is the youngest in the family and feels like he has something to prove to them and himself. What exit gift- When he touches an object he is able to see the past through that objects "eyes". The first time this happened was when he was handling the ancient toaster oven on the counter. Sadly the toaster oven had gone senile over the years and thought it had traveled through space. Toast was never more confusing.

*decided to go back to doing work on my comic, reminding myself who the characters are and a brief bubble of their motivating characteristics/abilities*

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