Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween ^.^

Every Halloween i draw a bunch of my own characters, and a friend's characters in costumes. This year half of our characters are going as The Endless. First one is below, the rest should be added later

My character Isabella as Delight.

My character Nero, as Guybrush Threepwood

And now because i have become lazy. Attis as a crow, Kekri as a cereal killer, Melisande as a bard, and the twins as thing 1 and thing 2.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Figure Drawing

Hello. These are just a few sketches from my life drawing classes.
The model came in dressed as an egyptian king, we spent the whole day drawing him and doing studies. It was fun. Above is the first out of maybe ten drawings i did. This started off being a quick sketch but after i realized he was holding the pose i tried to finish it up a bit.

My friend Carolyn posing for us to draw due to the fact that the model flaked. It's okay, the model that week was scary.

These are from this friday. just 30 second sketches of the model.